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Investment in Technology is our Advertising Expense

Freiberger sets the technical standards for the market. Our continuous investment in production technology allows us to manufacture efficiently and at competitive prices. This approach has worked well for our customers over many years. This is further supported by our commitment to continual improvement of our use of energy. Our focus on efficiency provides for the Freiberger Group and our business partners' long-term success plus creates job security for our growing workforce.

 Quality and Food Safety
Customers and Consumers can Trust our Products

Freiberger controls and improves continuously the entire process from the choice of suppliers through the manufacturing process to distribution to customers. From this we have been able to assure dependably the constant and reliably high quality and safety of our manufactured products.

We are a Dependable Partner

We have long term, loyal relations with our business partners and employees. We respond immediately to requests or changes in market conditions. To protect natural resources and to minimize the impact on the environment we look to adopt management strategies. We support the purchase of products and services which are efficient in relationship to energy. We do much more than meeting legal demands.

We Supply Major Retail Customers across the World

We are an export-oriented enterprise. We procure our raw materials on a worldwide basis and serve the international retail trade. We employ a cosmopolitan workforce and see racial and ethnic diversity as a business strength. All necessary resources and information are supplied as required. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any type.